Break Ups & Humiliation

“I don’t understand…”

Her voice sounded pathetic in her own ears as she tried to refrain from losing her cool and saying what was going through her mind, which she should have felt accomplished by if she was not so angry. Her thoughts swirled around, threatening to drown her in a whirlwind of emotion. His words made her sink into the dark abyss of uncertainty that she had not felt in years. 
She should have known better than to let him get close. He was a client, for God’s sake, not a boyfriend. She did not do boyfriends.
“Raichyl, don’t…”
“My name’s Rai.” Her tone was one that was not to be argued with.
“Rai,” he corrected himself, wincing at her tone. “You know we can’t do this anymore. My…circumstances…” He paused, almost as if he was debating whether to continue speaking or not.
Rai did not hear anything else he said after hearing those two simple words. My circumstances. He had known what she was when he met her. He had to have known that she was not from the same part of society as him. She was a Mistress, the farthest thing from his upper-class lifestyle.
“I love you, but my father would never accept this…arrangement…” He stumbled over his words.
Tony’s words snapped the woman out of her thoughts, bringing her back to reality. His father? Was he serious? Her anger made her turn away and close her eyes to try to steady herself. She tried to ignore the smell of the cologne he wore. Expensive. Everything about him was expensive, trained, elegant. He was cookie-cutter perfect. He was everything his father wanted him to be, everything his father molded him into.
“Why not?” She brushed a strand of black and green streaked hair out of her face with a perfectly manicured hand, her nails painted black and filed to deadly points, good for leaving marks on her toys when she played. Her piercing blue eyes bore into Tony’s. The anger emanating from her was palpable and it made him shrink back, cowering in his seat. 
“Who gives a fuck what he thinks? You’re a man, aren’t you?”
Rai looked around the fancy Italian restaurant he had taken her to. The dining room was so small it was claustrophobic. It was too dimly lit, almost dark. The tables were placed too close together. She knew she was talking too loud, saying too much. Not that she actually cared what anyone in the restaurant thought about her. They would never see her again. She watched as he looked down, playing with the gold cufflinks on his dress-shirt, trying to avoid her eyes piercing into him. She could feel the other diners’ eyes on them as well. But she remained focused on watching Tony fiddle with those cufflinks.
“Raichyl…please.” Tony’s voice was soft, pleading, as his green eyes finally settled on her face. But his long, delicate fingers kept playing along the cuffs of his shirt. She focused on him calmly, trying to regain her composure.
“Rai!” Her correction was said with such force and dominance that the elderly lady at the table next to them jumped and then look over at them in disapproval, scrunching up her nose as she noticed the Mistress’ tattoos that the slinky, black evening gown she wore did not cover.
A soft sigh left Tony’s mouth. “Rai, please. You know we can’t do this anymore. It’s…” A pause. “Best for business if we stop…” He stammered as he struggled to find the right words. “If we stop…whatever this is that we’re doing.”
“It’s best for business for you to end it with me?” Rai knew she was getting louder than she should have been, but she could no longer control herself. She was not yelling, but her firm voice carried through the restaurant. She stood up, watching in satisfaction as he cringed in fear. “Why?” She demanded. “So Daddy Dearest doesn’t find out that his precious son likes to go to sex clubs to pay for a Dominatrix to beat him?”
Rai then slowly exhaled, recomposing herself as she smoothed out the gown she wore. With as much dignity and grace as a woman of prestige and status, she turned on her six-inch spike heels and walked out of the restaurant with her head held high amid the gossiping whispers of the other diners.